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Towards Belief - Apologetic Series

 In Australia, around 20% of the community are open to spirituality and the idea of the existence of God, but fail to connect with the Christian church or faith. This is reflected in westernised countries around the world. Those who consider themselves ‘spiritually open’ are often blocked from considering faith due to a number of attitudes and beliefs that they hold towards the church and Christianity. For some, it’s the question of science, for others the existence of suffering and for many, the perceived hypocrisy of the church and the failure of Christian leaders. These belief blockers are creating an almost impenetrable wall to faith.
Towards Belief is seeking to address these blockers with a ten episode series which will directly address the issues. The series will be aired on Christian television networks internationally and be available on DVD and web download for individual and church use. The documentary-style series will focus on Karl Faase, an Australian local church pastor who meets with leading academics, apologists and authors from around the world to discuss the issues. Through the use of interview, vox pops and personal reflection, Towards Belief will give voice to silent Christians who struggle to articulate or defend his/her faith as well as answering the often unspoken blockages many people have towards Christian faith. It is both evangelism and discipleship.

Towards Belief has an outstanding list of guests including...
* John Lennox will appear on the God and Science episode. John is a mathematician and philosopher of science who is currently Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford
* Nicky Gumbel will appear on The Obsolete Church episode. Nicky is the author of Alpha and the vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, London.
* Os Guinness will appear on The Obsolete Church episode. Os is a political analyst,  social critic and author.
* Stanley Hauerwas will appear on the Religious Wars episode. He is an American theologian, ethicist and public intellectual.
* Dale Kuehne will appear on the Homosexuality episode. Dale is the professor of politics at St Anslem College in New Hampshire and an ordained pastor.
* John Polkinghorne will appear on the God and Science episode. He is an English theoretical physicist, theologian, writer and Anglican priest.
* Richard Swinburne will appear on the Suffering episode. He is an English philosopher of religion and emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University.
* Mike Willesee will appear on the Supernatural episode. Reporter, host and interviewer with over 30 years experience on major television networks across Australia.
* John Dickson will appear on several episodes, including The Good Book and Suffering. John has a PhD in ancient history, was co-founder of the Centre for Public Christianity and is currently part time minister at St Andrews Anglican Church in Roseville, Sydney.
* Patrick Parkinson will appear on the Church Abuse episode. Patrick is a Professor of Law at the University of Sydney and a spokesman for child protection. more!


Australian Communities Report

Olive Tree Media recently launched the results from their AUSTRALIAN COMMUNITIES REPORT conducted by McCrindle Research to discover what Australians really think of Christian faith, Christians and the Church. Held in Sydney on 4th November, the research was launched by Archbishop Peter Jensen. Mark McCrindle, Principal of McCrindle Research presented the findings to 50 church leaders and business people. You can WATCH
excerpts of the presentation on the video link above, DOWNLOAD a summary of the research results or PURCHASE a copy of the full report through our online shop.

The Research was commissioned in preparation for a new Apologetics Series being produced by Olive Tree Media in 2012 which will tackle the issues arising from the research. To DOWNLOAD the Prospectus outlining the Series, click below.

For more information:


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