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Goal: $220,000

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What will your giving enable?

  • 3-4 regional events where churches will come together to run Gospel events and follow up with Faith Runs Deep series
  • Creation of supporting resources for churches running the series
  • Webinars to support churches and church leaders in running Faith Runs Deep and in considering the story of faith in Australia
  • Profiling of Faith Runs Deep through social media channels to connect with Australians
  • Creation of extended interviews and podcasts from the Faith Runs Deep interviews to further the exposure of the incredible stories that were unearthed
  • Building links into Christian schools so students have access to Faith Runs Deep
  • Support of Olive Tree Media staff as they serve and resource Australian churches to use Faith Runs Deep to share the gospel message

Unearthed event in Mudgee

This event in Mudgee is the first of as series of partnerships to bring faith stories to Australia.

Karl Faase and the Olive Tree Media team were part of hosting the gospel event ‘Unearthed’ in Mudgee last month. Watch this short clip to hear more from those who attended. There are more of these planned and your EOFY gift will support this and more.

In the words of Karl Faase

“Releasing this Gospel resource to the Australian community feels particularly significant for me too, as I have felt a call on my life for many decades to ‘impact Australia for Jesus’. I talk about this in Episode 2 of Faith Runs Deep and to have produced a series that tells our faith stories has been an immense privilege.

So, now begins the next work of ensuring this documentary exists so people hear and see the impact of Jesus and consider the Gospel for themselves. The Olive Tree Media team will be spending the next 12 months equipping Christians to use Faith Runs Deep as a Gospel resource.”