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We are launching our Watch+ Platform – making it easier than ever to access all our series for use personally, with a group, in a school or as a church series.

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Faith Runs Deep

Olive Tree Media are making a new series this year, travelling across the country to unearth stories of faith from history and today. We’re inviting you to follow along and become a partner! We want partners from every state, every city and every corner of Australia: from Tassie to Cape York; Exmouth to Byron Bay. Will you partner in prayer, with financial support or by joining us on social – as we unearth stories of great Australian men and women.


Jesus the Game Changer – To the Ends of the Earth

This is a 13-part documentary about how the gospel went from a small group of followers in the backwaters of the Roman Empire to become a global faith in the 20th century. How did the Gospel spread? Why? And who risked danger, persecution and death to fulfill Jesus’ last words in Acts 1:8?

This series will inspire, challenge and encourage you and your church in evangelism and mission.


About Olive Tree Media

Through the production of various programs and resources, Olive Tree Media is seeking to introduce people to Jesus, communicate a Christian worldview, and transform beliefs, attitudes and lives. Our resources can be viewed and purchased online, on various television networks around the country, heard on radio and in many Christian bookstores.

“But I am like an olive tree, flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever” Psalm 52:8

Karl Faase

CEO of Olive Tree Media and pastor for over 30 years. Karl is passionate about resourcing local churches by providing engaging and contemporary material for small groups, events and church services.

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RT @GrayConnolly: Basically every slippery slope argument in the last 20 years against social and moral decay has been proved to have been,…

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RT @johnpauldickson: So, @JaneCaro thinks Australia should be discussing sanctions against the United States, because the US Federal Court…

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@greenguzzi Violence often default of both sides of political spectrum. Jan 6th was inexcusable & dangerous but was…

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@BaronFraser @greenguzzi If that is a general comment, sure, if that is a critique of my, that is not my point

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) June 25, 2022

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