Towards Belief: Episode 10 – Towards Belief

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When we went to talk to all our guests, we wanted to ask them about how they would defuse the belief blockers of our time, but we also asked them about how they came to a place of faith. And they actually flew in the face of what most people in the community seem to feel about people who come to a place of belief, especially Christian belief. There’s this idea that people need a crutch to get through life; they can’t cope with the reality of the world and their way of coping with reality is to go to a place of belief. But that’s not the case with these people. In fact many of them really had to fight to find what they believed. They did almost a comparative study of different ways of recognising reality, and reality in the kind of spiritual world. Here’s a couple of stories where people didn’t really want to believe that it was true but found that they couldn’t stand against it.

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