Towards Belief: Episode 6 – Church Abuse

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In preparation for this series we researched what blocks people from Christian faith and the Church. One of the issues that came to the top all the time was the issue of abuse, especially the abuse of children within the Church. There is abuse in all sorts of organisations across the world but it’s more difficult for the Church for two reasons. Firstly, there’s the abuse of trust. Pastors, priests and church leaders have been trusted by the community and by families, and Churches are seen to abuse that trust. But secondly, there’s the issue of the teaching of morality and ethics within the Church. The Church is well known for what it teaches about morality and ethics and how we should live. In this area it seems that the Church doesn’t hold to its own moral teachings. It’s seen as being hypocritical. So what is the future of the church? How is the church responding to this problem? Can church leaders and churches be trusted in the future?

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