Towards Belief: Episode 9 – The Church

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In the United Kingdom in the 19th century it’s said that church attendance was about 50%. By the 1970s that dropped to 12% and right now it’s down to about 6.3%. In Australia in the 60 years since 1950, regular church attendance has fallen from 44% down to about 8%. In the United States of America it’s quite different with a lot of movement between denominations. Churches like the Episcopalian Church and the United Methodist Church have seen steep declines. This has two outcomes. Firstly, there are plenty of empty church buildings‚ little restaurants, night clubs, even bed shops like this one in West London. But secondly there’s the more serious accompanying perception in the public mind that the church is flailing. That it’s an obsolete institution and that sometime in the not too distant future, it will just be small groups of older people huddling together. So what is the future of the church? Is the church obsolete? What’s happening?

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