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Marriage, parenting, faith and more with Karl Faase and Fiona Hall.

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Hosted by Karl Faase and Fiona Hall, each episode features an interview with an experienced Christian guest who shares their expertise on a variety of topics such as Marriage (two sessions), Parenting (three sessions on Toddlers, Teens and Adult Children), Work/Life Balance, Dealing with Difficulty, Family Health and others. Guests include Colleen Hirst, Dr Robi Sonderegger, Collett Smart, Dr Gary Franks, Beth Barnett, Dr Graham Barker and more.

Episodes in the family series

MARRIAGE I – FOR A LIFETIME with Colleen Hirst (Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist)

MARRIAGE II – COMMUNICATION & CONFLICT with Colleen Hirst (Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist)

ENCOURAGING FAITH with Julie-anne Laird (AFES Staff Worker)

FAMILY HEALTH with Dr Gary Franks (General Practitioner)

PARENTING ADULT CHILDREN with Dr Graham Barker (Clinical Psychologist)

PARENTING TODDLERS with Beth Barnett (Children’s and Family Facilitator)

PARENTING TEENAGERS with Collett Smart (Psychotherapist)

WORK/LIFE BALANCE with Craig & Di Winkler (Craig is Founder of MYOB and Di is CEO of Summer Foundation)

BLENDED FAMILIES with Brad and Tracy Mackay (Ex-professional sportsman, and blended family of eight)

DEALING WITH DIFFICULTY with Dr Robi (Clinical Psychologist)