Access Code Help

Access Code Help

If you have been supplied with an access code, this page will give you instructions on how to sign up and how to access our series.

When Partners sign up to Watch+ at anything other than an individual level, they are given additional codes they can share with family, friends, leaders or teachers. This is to enable more people to be able to access our series and discussion guides free of charge.

If you have been given a code, it is because another person or organisation is paying for you to access. Whilever their partnership is active, you will be able to watch our series and use our resources.


Ensure you have the correct access code. Copy it so it is on your clipboard or have it written down nearby, ready to enter.


Click on a link that says ‘I Have An Access Code’. We have direct links from our homepage or our partner levels page. You can also simply click here


Enter your access code and click ‘submit’.


Do you already have an account with Olive Tree Media?

If yes, you will need to sign in at this point.

If not, enter your details to create an account.


Complete the checkout. This involves agreeing to the terms and conditions, then pressing ‘submit’.

Info coming soon

Info coming soon