Faith Runs Deep DVD


Faith Runs Deep is a 12-part Documentary Series unearthing stories of faith from across Australia. Each episode is 26 minutes and covers a different theme or time in Australia’s history. In each episode, you’ll hear from historians and academics; remarkable Australians of faith; and hosts Karl and Jane Faase about their own journey of faith. The aim of this series is to share the stories of faith that have made our history and will define the future of faith in Australia. Please note, this series is available to stream now via our Watch+ platform or you can order this DVD which will be shipped to your nominated address.

Episode Titles:

1: Faith Runs Deep
2: Ends of the Earth (The Good News Arrives)
3: Second Chance (Early Years)
4: Eternity in our Hearts (Firsts Nations People)
5: Melting Pot (Immigration)
6: That Other Religion (Sport)
7: My Brother’s Keeper (Charity)
8: For Love of Country (Armed Services)
9: Grassroots (Politics)
10: For the Glory of God (The Arts)
11: Changed Lives (Revivals)
12: Off the Sheep’s Back (Business)

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