SRE - School's Edition

SRE - School's Edition

Jesus the Game Changer Schools Edition SRE Bundle

Olive Tree Media, in partnership with the Baptist Association of NSW/ACT, has produced the Jesus the Game Changer Schools Edition. This product bundle is available free for registered SRE teachers.

Once you have registered, you will have access to:

– The 10 episodes of the Jesus the Game Changer Schools Edition
– Teacher Notes
– Scope and Sequence
– Student worksheets (two versions depending on whether a Bible is available for the lesson)

The organisation or authorising body that you are involved with should have an account set up. If you have not been given the unique password for your SRE organisation/body, please contact them to get access to the curriculum.

Once you have been issued the password, please complete the registration below.

Not an SRE teacher?

You can still watch the Schools Version via our Watch+ Platform at the ‘Large Group’ level.

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