Frequently Asked Questions

On Demand Memberships and Access:

How do I share access so my family, school, homegroup, or church can watch too?
You will be emailed a unique link that you can distribute by email. It will automatically apply a 100% discount on checkout. The number of times the link can be used is determined by the level of support.

What happens if I cancel my plan?
You will no longer have access; along with anyone you gave access to.

If I cancel, can I renew at a later date??
Yes you can, and this will restore access to those that you shared too.

Can I change who can access using the share link I provided?
Yes. Please email us ( from the email address you used to sign up, and specify the email addresses of the people you would like removed / revoked from your plan. Once our team have completed this, we will reply via email to confirm. You will then have more available sponsored member codes, up to the maximum specified in your partnership plan.

Using Olive Tree Media Resources:

What viewing options are available?
Watch series content on your personal computer, smartphone, tablet and even cast to some smart TVs using AirPlay (Apple), Apple TV and ChromeCast (Android). When you are on a mobile device, check for an Airplay or ChromeCast icon to ‘send’ the video to the TV.

These are the icons to look for.

I am not able to stream the series (poor internet connection or other reason) – what are my options to view Olive Tree Media’s content?

Nearly all of our series are able to be purchased on DVD or USB for groups where there is limited or no internet connection. For churches, schools or large groups wanting to run a campaign or show the series, we recommend signing up to download the additional resources and purchasing DVDs and Discussion Guides to supplement. If you are after offline access or have other requirements, please fill in this form for a custom access plan.

How can I acsess the Discussion Guide?
All our Discussion Guide content is available on the Wacth+ Platform. When you Partner and sign in, you can use the digital discussion guide while watching each episode.

Prefer pen and paper? To order physical copies of the Discussion Guide, visit the Olive Tree Media shop –

If you require 10 or more, please email us for bulk pricing:

What additional resources are included for churches, schools and large groups?
When you sign up under the ‘Church/large group’ support level, you will be given access to the free resources made available to run Faith Runs Deep and Jesus the Game Changer as a 6-week campaign. The resources include: sermon notes, children’s program, training videos, graphics, songs, invites and more. For schools, Jesus the Game Changer Season 1 also has a Scope and Sequence, Teacher Notes and Student Worksheets.

Other FAQs:

What if I want to financially support the work of Olive Tree Media and I’m not interested in receiving access to the content? Can I just give?
Yes. There are a number of donation options available here

Why can’t I just pay a one-off payment for the series?
Olive Tree Media is a ministry organisation that relies on support from donations and grants. We want to partner with individuals, churches and organisations to make our content more accessible to more people. By partnering with us, you’re supporting our organisation to continue making content and you are also able to share the content for free with others. You can choose to partner for the short term (while you’re running the series) or continue to give and enjoy having access to all our content online.

There is also the ability to purchase non-digital products from our shop such as the series on DVD or USB. You can click here to visit the shop –

What happens if I previously purchased a series from the Olive Tree Media shop?

If you purchased a past digital series or episode(s) from Olive Tree Media, these are still available in your My Account and will remain there. All physical products (DVDs, USBs, Books) are still available to be ordered and owned.