Faith Runs Deep

Brand New Australian Series Coming Soon

Follow the journey as we unearth stories of faith Down Under


Brought to you by Olive Tree Media and hosted by Karl Faase.

For the first time ever, we are inviting you along for the journey as we travel around Australia throughout 2021 to meet and unearth these great stories of faith that have made our nation.


Will you join us?

We’re inviting you to follow along and become a partner! We want partners from every state, every city and every corner of Australia: from Tassy to Cape York; Exmouth to Byron Bay. Will you partner in prayer, with financial support or by joining us on social – as we unearth stories of great Australian men and women.

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Hosted by Karl Faase

Faith Runs Deep is a brand new series for Karl Faase and Olive Tree Media – producers of the award-winning series, Jesus the Game Changer and Towards Belief. In this new series, host Karl Faase will be travelling around Australia, discovering the rich and inspiring history of faith Down Under.

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