Faith Runs Deep is all about sharing stories that connect everyday Australians to the good news story of the Gospel.

If you have a passion to see people introduced to Jesus, then we invite you to partner with us to host a Faith Runs Deep Gospel Event.

Below are three ways that we are working with churches to use Faith Runs Deep as an evangelistic tool that presents the Gospel in a compelling way and invites people to consider faith for themselves.

If you’re interested in setting aside time in your church’s calendar to host a Gospel Event using Faith Runs Deep, then get in touch with us – we would love to partner with you!

Olive Tree Media was a great blessing through the Faith Runs Deep Unearthed Event and course. The documentary was sensational, the event presentation was stimulating, and the team was very professional. We are very grateful to Olive Tree Media and its supporters for enabling people to hear the gospel in an engaging way and for uniting local churches in evangelism.

The Revd James Daymond, Coordinator, Faith Runs Deep Mudgee

Three Gospel Event Opportunities

1. MULTI-CHURCH EVENT… Network with other churches

Gather a network of churches and host a multi-church event. So far these have been done in country regions and towns  (Mudgee, Bendigo, Tamworth) but city-regions can also use this strategy. These events bring together live music, testimony and a Gospel presentation, with an invitation for those present to explore further at one of the host churches.

If you’d like to work towards a multi-church event, fill in the contact form – we’d love to hear from you!

Regional Event Highlights: Tamworth

Karl Faase, Peter Gibbs and Colin Buchanan went to Tamworth for their regional Faith Runs Deep event.

Hundreds gathered on a chilly Thursday night in the local school hall to be reminded of Australia’s legacy of faith and consider faith for themselves. It was a night of laughter, singing, celebration and inspiration. After this event, everyone had the chance to respond to the Gospel and learn more in Faith Runs Deep groups at the local churches.

Unearthed Event Testimonial

“On behalf of the Ballarat Ministers Network and the Christian Churches of Ballarat, I want to thank you and the team at Olive Tree Media for all that you did to bring the Unearthed event to Ballarat in May this year.

From the first gathering back in October 2022 to hear about FRD and the Unearthed Event till now, the impact has been and continues to be amazing. The FRD and Unearthed Event was a catalyst in getting the churches working together to put on an outreach event, which we hadn’t done for many years. It has also strengthened the relationship with the Minsters/Pastors, making a difference to our regular Ballarat Minsters Network gatherings.

There continues to be positive comments about the lead-up to the event, the event itself and now the FRD groups that are meeting now.

I want to thank you for the time and significant resources you have spent in Ballarat and the encouragement this has been for the Christain churches in our city.

I also want to thank the Olive Tree Media Board and Contributors, as together, you are truly making a difference, especially here in Ballarat, Victoria.”

Tim Clark (Chair of the Ballarat Ministers Network)

2. CHURCH GOSPEL EVENT… Partner with us

Gather momentum in your local church for a special service where our team will partner with you to share stories of faith, present the Gospel and launch 6-week Faith Runs Deep groups.

These church events are designed to give invitational opportunities to your community, where the Gospel is presented in a compelling and relevant way. Flowing out of this Sunday, people are invited to explore more in Faith Runs Deep groups.

Get in touch with us if you’d like Olive Tree Media to help you host a Sunday event.

Using Faith Runs Deep to share the Gospel

Karl Faase gives more information about hosting a Church Gospel Event

1. Prepare.
2. Pray.
3. Present the Gospel.
4. Participate in mid-week groups watching Faith Runs Deep.

3. 6-WEEK CHURCH CAMPAIGN… Mobilise your church for evangelism

Bring your whole church together and be reminded of the way that Jesus changes lives and how faith has shaped Australia. This 6-week Church Campaign can be used alongside both Option 1 and 2, or as a stand-alone strategy. You can run Faith Runs Deep in your local church for 6 weeks, using the episodes, clips, sermon notes and children’s program to engage everyone with stories of faith.

The church campaign looks at the following 6 topics:

Week 1: Will faith continue to run deep?
Week 2: The God of the Second Chance
Week 3: Eternity in our Hearts
Week 4: The Melting Pot
Week 5: That Other Religion
Week 6: The Least, the last and the lost

For more information or to sign up to do the Church Campaign, message us below.

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