Towards Belief

Towards Belief

Defusing the belief blockers of our time.

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Is it reasonable to be a person of faith? How can we deal with issues of suffering, science, violence, abuse and the supernatural in our consideration of God? Towards Belief is a series that set out to provide responses to these big questions – questions that our research found blocks people from considering faith and belief.

Episodes in this series

Episode 1: Suffering

This episode presents both an intellectual and personal response to the issues posed by the existence of suffering.

Episode 2: The Bible

This episode looks at whether what the Bible contains is historically accurate and can be trusted.

Episode 3: Supernatural

This episode explores belief in the supernatural and looks at a specific case where it seems that supernatural intervention is undeniable.

Episode 4: Religious Violence

This episode explores whether Christianity, as a religious worldview, causes wars, atrocities and genocides. How does the Church respond to this charge?

Episode 5: Exclusive Faith

Christianity’s claim that Jesus is the only way to God is viewed as arrogant, intolerant and a significant blocker to personal belief. In this episode, guests give plausible reasons for the Christian worldview.

Episode 6: Church Abuse

Abuse scandals, particularly in relation to children, have rocked the Church, leaving it open to the charge of hypocrisy.

Episode 7: Science & God

Eminent and experienced scientists explain how and why they can have scientific credentials from the world’s leading universities, as well as having a Christian faith.

Episode 8: Homosexuality

In this episode we look at the Biblical view on homosexuality and what is the Christian response in the current social environment.

Episode 9: The Church

There is a public perception that the Christian Church is dying. We talk with leaders who are seeing the Church grow and they give their perspective on the future of the Church.

Episode 10: Towards Belief

In the end, there is still a step of faith to be taken. This episode looks back over the personal stories of some of the guests and seeks to clarify that choice.

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