2020 Church Campaign

Jesus the Game Changer: To the Ends of the Earth

Jesus the Game Changer: to the Ends of the Earth is the second season of the award-winning documentary. This series unveils the inspiring, sometimes forgotten or rarely told stories of game changers of the faith who risked danger and death to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Under the changes enacted in our nation regarding COVID-19, we know that church life looks unrecognisable. We also know that now is a really important moment in our world and it’s an opportunity for our churches to focus on making Jesus’ last words our first priority, even when things are difficult!

We believe this series and this church campaign will be an incredible time to come together as the Australian church and be inspired to mission!

Sign up and receive all you need to run a 6-week church wide series!

Churches who register will receive a Church Pack with sermon notes, children’s program, clips, episodes, music and more. We are also looking at how we support and resource churches who have signed up with digital access to episodes and enabling households to access and engage with the material. We want this to be a significant moment for your church to come together, even if it’s not in the same way they have been.

Registration and church pack costs $99.95 (plus postage)

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What are the topics for the 6 week series?

Jesus the Game Changer Season 2 is a 13-episode series. We have selected 6 of these episodes as the basis for the ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ Church Campaign. Here are the topics this series will cover:

Week 1: Jesus’ last words our first priority (Episode 1)
Week 2: New identity in Christ (Episode 2)
Week 3: Dealing with opposition (Episode 3)
Week 4: The Bible: beyond information, brings transformation (Episode 10)
Week 5: Crossing the cultural divide (Episode 8)
Week 6: The ends of the Earth (Episode 13)

Looking for the Weekly Campaign Resources?

If you have already registered for the 2020 Church Campaign and want to access the 6 campaign episodes, Karl’s sermon and the Kids at Home program, click below to visit the Weekly Resources Page.

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More about the 2020 Church Campaign

When you register for the 2020 Church Campaign, you will receive:

A Church Campaign Pack USB containing:
– All 13 episodes of Jesus the Game Changer Season 2
– Sermon notes for the 6-week series
– Children’s program and resources for the 6-week series
– Worship song ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ by Greg Attwells
– Kids song ‘Jesus the Game Changer’ by Colin Buchanan
– Graphics and other visuals

You will also have access to a host of digital resources including video clips, graphics, social media images and training videos.

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Jesus the Game Changer Season 1 Church Pack

In 2018, over 200 churches in Australia did the Jesus the Game Changer Season 1 6-week series together in the lead up to Easter. Since then many churches around the world have bought the Digital Church Pack to run the series in their church.

The Jesus the Game Changer Season 1 Church Pack is available to order through our website and can be done as a 6-week church-wide series anytime.

Click here for the Season 1 Church Pack

More about the season 1 Church Pack

The Season 1 Church Campaign is a specific package we have put together for churches who want to run Jesus the Game Changer Season 1. We have developed resources and extra material to cover a six-week series that tackles the following topics:

Week Four – CARE

What is in the season 1 Church Campaign Pack:

  • Digital access to all 10 episodes of the series, all 28 minutes in length (RRP $49.95)
  • Discussion Guide available as a free App
  • Resource and training videos from Karl Faase
  • Sermon notes for the topics being covered
  • Children’s ministry program and resources
  • Links to children’s song by Colin Buchanan
  • Printable prayer cards, invitations, social media images and other resources
  • Artwork for a banner

Cost for registering: $60

Physical products such as the DVD, Discussion Guide and Book of the Series can be purchased and added to your order as needed.

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Watch the clips below for more info.

How one church in the UK ran Jesus the Game Changer

What might it look like for your church to run Jesus the Game Changer? Here is the story of one church in the United Kingdom that ran Jesus the Game Changer Season1 in the evenings and how it was received by the participants.


"Why wouldn't you show Jesus the Game Changer?"

Hear this encouraging experience of real lives changed through this series. Paul Whiting shares his experience of viewing Jesus the Game Changer Season 1 with his neighbours and his encouragement is: why wouldn’t you show it?


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