Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer Seasons 1, 2 & 3
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Season One Trailer

Jesus the Game Changer Season One is a 10 part documentary series on how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. Karl Faase travels to the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and India interviewing over 30 authors, speakers and modern-day game changers. It is a documentary that can be used in churches, small groups or education settings. There is a discussion guide, book, children’s book and church pack available.

Season One Episodes

10 topics covered in this series –

1. Jesus
2. Equality
3. Forgiveness
4. Women & Children
5. Democracy
6. Care
7. Leadership
8. Education & Health
9. Wealth
10. Reason & Science

Trailer - Jesus the Game Changer: To the Ends of the Earth

Watch the trailer for the sequel to the award-winning documentary Jesus the Game Changer. Season 2 tells stories of those who took the gospel message, risking danger and death, to ensure people heard to the ends of the earth? Follow along as Karl speaks to over 50 guests around the world about how and why the gospel spread to become a truly global faith. Be inspired by stories of faith and courage of those who went to the ends of the earth, and consider what it looks like now to take the gospel from everywhere, to everywhere.

Season Two Episodes

13 episodes tracking the Gospel going to ‘the ends of the earth’ –

1. Jesus of Nazareth
2. Paul & the Early Church
3. The Persecuted Church
4. Africa
5. Ireland
6. Europe
7. The Jesuits
8. China
9. The Protestant Reformation
10. Bible Translation
11. Japan & Korea
12. America
13. 20th Century Mission

Jesus the Game Changer 3: One Life at a Time

Our 2021 release of Jesus the Game Changer is now available on our Watch+ Platform. This is our third season of Jesus the Game Changer, but this one is quite different. We’re taking a look at 13 inspirational people and stories from those we interviewed in our previous seasons. These people have remarkable stories of courage, conviction and faith. They have been game changers in mission, bible translation, academia, business, caring for the vulnerable and they remind us that God changes the world ‘one life at a time’. We hope their stories inspire, challenge and encourage you.

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Trailer for 'One Life at a Time'

Jesus the Game Changer season 3 is a different in style and approach to previous series, focusing on the story of one or two guests and sharing in more detail these lives that Jesus has changed. They include Dr Billy Kim from South Korea, Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh who were jailed in Iran for distributing Bibles, Hassan John a church leader from Nigeria and Eddie Arthur a Bible translator from the UK.

Season Three Episodes

13 episodes featuring remarkable people and amazing stories –

1. CHOSEN – Billy Kim
2. CAPTIVE – Maryam and Marziyeh
3. THE LEAST OF THESE – Krish Kandiah
4. LEGACY – Robert Woodberry
5. COURAGEOUS – Mike Gore
6. HEART LANGUAGE – Eddie Arthur and Kirk Franklin
7. IMPOSSIBLE LOVE – Craig and Medine Keener
8. NEVER GIVE UP – Hassan John
9. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE – Ian Harper
10. THE MOTHER OF EVERYONE – Jessie Fubara-Manuel
12. AGAINST THE ODDS – Ermias Mamo and Tefera Endalew
13. FOLLOWING THE MASTER – Laurel Bunker

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