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Through the production of various programs and resources, Olive Tree Media is seeking to introduce people to Jesus, communicate a Christian worldview, and transform beliefs, attitudes and lives. Our resources can be viewed and purchased online, on various television networks around the country, heard on radio and in many Christian bookstores.

“But I am like an olive tree, flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever” Psalm 52:8

Karl Faase

CEO of Olive Tree Media and pastor for over 30 years. Karl is passionate about resourcing local churches by providing engaging and contemporary material for small groups, events and church services.

About Karl

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@astridsmusic @Peter_Fitz Sure but the question is whether you & I will be able to speak clearly & freely about wha… https://t.co/31bpOJNWIH

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) June 25, 2019

RT @abpdavies: Israel Folau's right to express his faith is fundamentally important in any democracy. It is of great concern to many that t…

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) June 25, 2019

Whether you think this is right or wrong, wise or foolish, one thing is clear, this is the people speaking,… https://t.co/cePJ6VDjvb

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) June 25, 2019

RT @UnbelievableJB: Thanks goodness. Human decency and common sense prevail. https://t.co/xr35OxoM9p

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) June 25, 2019

RT @andrewtwalk: In just a few months, I’ve met three Christian families who said they’ve fled California for Middle Tennessee because of h…

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) June 25, 2019

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