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2020 Church Campaign – ‘To the Ends of the Earth’

‘To the Ends of the Earth’ is the title of the second season of the award-winning documentary Jesus the Game Changer. Join with hundreds of churches around Australia as we re-discover a passion for mission and make Jesus’ last words our first priority.

Join the 6 week series starting on 3rd May 2020.

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About Olive Tree Media

Through the production of various programs and resources, Olive Tree Media is seeking to introduce people to Jesus, communicate a Christian worldview, and transform beliefs, attitudes and lives. Our resources can be viewed and purchased online, on various television networks around the country, heard on radio and in many Christian bookstores.

“But I am like an olive tree, flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever” Psalm 52:8

Karl Faase

CEO of Olive Tree Media and pastor for over 30 years. Karl is passionate about resourcing local churches by providing engaging and contemporary material for small groups, events and church services.

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RT @spulliam: NYC is often known to outsiders as a secular city, but .... nearly 50 churches from across the city have signed up for memb…

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) April 10, 2020

RT @Akenno374: Morning tea 🧆☕🙏 Only day of the year I eat them! 😋 #hotcrossbuns ✝️✝️✝️ @karlfaase @LyleShelton @ericmetaxas #HappyEaste…

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) April 10, 2020

RT @roddreher: Outrageous! That Baton Rouge pastor taunts Christians staying at home in pandemic as 'cowards.' He buses in 675 children to…

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) April 10, 2020

Talking with Sam & Julia live on Newstalk ZB radio in NZ this morning, listen in

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) April 10, 2020

Our experience of social distancing can leave us feeling isolated & alone. The experience of being abondoned is at…

- Karl Faase (@karlfaase) April 10, 2020

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