Next Steps: Digital Pack


This Digital Pack is a 4-week video course called ‘Next Steps’ plus digital resources to run the series. It’s designed so that you can run it at any time within your church to share stories of faith, invite discussion and give people an opportunity to consider their next steps when it comes to faith and life with Jesus.

Each of the 4 studies opens space for people to hear stories of faith, hear from God and accept his invitation to new life. Part of this series is also opening up the conversation around baptism, and inviting people to consider baptism as a next step, if they haven’t already

Topics covered:

  • Week 1: The Father’s Love – Tony Hoang’s Story (Consider Faith)
  • Week 2: New Identity – Eloise Welling’s Story (Consider Identity)
  • Week 3: Never Too Late – Duncan Brown’s Story (Consider Baptism)
  • Week 4: Something Deeper – Gemma Bell’s Story (Consider Service)


  • Part 1: Story of faith and reflections from Karl Faase (video) – 10-15 mins
  • Part 2: Discussion and reflection (in groups) – 20 mins
  • Part 3: Prayer and Invitation (by you or the group leader) – 10 mins


This four-week series could be done in the following ways:

  • 4-week small group series across the life of your church
  • Mid-week church-wide course – where people can all come to watch and discuss together
  • Series done in Sunday services

In any of these contexts, we encourage you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, encourage your church to invite friends and family, and emphasise the opportunity every week to take a step of faith and consider baptism.

How to Access:

1. Make a one-time payment by purchasing from this page. Fill in your church details and click ‘Add to Cart’. The Digital Pack, including videos, PDF Discussion Guide and additional resources, will be instantly available.


2. Sign up to our Watch+ Platform at one of our two church levels. This will give you access to the Next Steps series and resources PLUS, all our other series, interviews and campaigns. You can also share access with other leaders and participants. Click here to see our packages


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