Who was Jesus and how can we know he existed?

Dr Paula Gooder joins Karl Faase for an interview about Jesus and the reliability of his life, teaching, death and resurrection.

Jesus the Game Changer

Extended interview with Dr Paula Gooder

How do we know what Jesus was like, and what he said and did? How can we be sure the information we have about him is accurate? And why does it matter?

Listen in on Dr Paula Gooder’s conversation with Karl Faase about what we know about Jesus from both the Bible and other historical sources. What was it about the person of Jesus that sparked a movement that would change the world – and how could it possibly come about that this movement was carried forward by a tiny group of insignificant and terrified people?

Paula explains the uniqueness of Jesus in his time and in ours, and helps us look at ideas like power, forgiveness and the role of women with Jesus’ words and actions in mind.

Paula Gooder is a writer and lecturer in Biblical Studies. She is the author of numerous books and is passionate about igniting people’s enthusiasm for reading the Bible today.

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