Partnership Packages

Partnership Packages

Partner and Watch On-Demand

All of Olive Tree Media’s series and discussion guide content are available to partners who pay a monthly or yearly amount to support our work. This payment is an investment in the production of future series and resources which are added to the Watch+ content library.

If you are part of a group, school or church, you might have a code that enables you to get access for free. If you have been given a code, click below to create your free account.


1 user
$4 / Month
$48 / Year


4 users
$8 / Month
$96 / Year

Small Group

5-15 users
$15 / Month
$180 / Year

Large Group/Church

100 users
$50 / Month
$600 / Year

Custom Access Plans

Need access for a school or larger church? We’d love to help customise a solution for you.

What’s included

When you create a Watch+ account and sign up for one of the above plans, you are given access to.

Video Series

Olive Tree Media has produced many different video series that work well for churches, schools and small groups.

Encourage your church in evangelism, learn more about Jesus and be inspired by Christian stories.

Discussion Guides

All our episodes and interviews have digital Discussion Guide questions and study notes. These are included free with your Watch+ access and will enable you to reflect personally or facilitate a group/class discussion.

Resources and Downloads

For many series, we also have a Church Campaign, children’s ministry programs, graphics, sermon notes, lesson notes and additional video clips. These are for pastors, teachers and leaders to facilitate a series in the context of a church or school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share access so my family, school, homegroup or church can watch?

You will be emailed a unique link that you can distribute by email. It will automatically apply a 100% discount on checkout. The number of times the link can be used is determined by the level of support.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

You will no longer have access; along with anyone you gave access to.

Can I change who can access using the share link provided?

Yes. Please email us ( from the email address you used to sign up, and specify the email addresses of the people you would like removed / revoked from your plan. Once our team have completed this, we will reply via email to confirm. You will then have more available sponsored member codes, up to the maximum specified in your partnership plan.

If I cancel, can I renew at a later date?

Yes you can, and this will restore access to those that you shared too.

My group leader gave me a code. How do I sign up?

If you have been supplied an Access Code, that means someone is sponsoring you to access Watch+ for free. Click on the black button above or follow this link: I Have An Access Code. This will enable you to enter and apply the code and complete the checkout free of charge.

How long will I have access for?

Whilever your sponsor is paying for their Olive Tree Media Partnership, your account will be active.

My group members are finding it hard to log in. How can I give them further instructions?

We have created a series of videos and instructions to help group members access using their code. When you share the code with them, please also direct them to this webpage: