How did Jesus treat women?

How did Jesus treat women?

Dr. Jo Vitale speaks to Karl Faase about Jesus and his interactions with women. What can we learn?

Extended interview with Dr Jo Vitale

What was life like for women in Jesus’ time … and how was Jesus’ treatment of women astonishing?

Some people think the Bible is misogynistic, but is it? In her insightful chat with Karl Faase, Jo Vitale explains just how pro-women – and counter-cultural – Jesus really was.

In the Graeco-Roman world at the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry, women had no autonomy. They were regarded as morally, intellectually, spiritually and physically inferior.

Hear Jo talk about how Jesus came into this culture and turned it upside down, counting women among his friends and supporters, travelling with them, and teaching that women should be given dignity, trust and equality.

And then find out just how valued and significant women were in the days of the early church.

Jo Vitale studied Theology at the University of Oxford and recently submitted her doctoral thesis on the topic of Women and Beauty in the Old Testament.

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