Next Steps: 4-Week Series

A new resource designed to facilitate conversations about life, faith and where our decisions are taking us.


We want to resource and empower you to engage friends and neighbours in conversations about faith.

This new 4-week series will facilitate a discussion about life and consider steps of faith that each person could make. Our hope is that Next Steps will encourage each person toward faith, baptism and service.

Who is this for?

We invite any church or group leader who wants to have faith conversations that encourage people to consider their next steps to take a look at this course. It can be used as a sermon series, mid-week course or small group resource that engages people exploring faith for the first time and helps Christians reflect deeper.

It’s available on our Watch+ Platform for church partners only, and is also available in our shop as a digital pack.

Topics covered:

Week 1: The Father’s Love – Tony Hoang’s Story (Consider Faith)
Week 2: New Identity – Eloise Welling’s Story (Consider Identity)
Week 3: Never Too Late – Duncan Brown’s Story (Consider Baptism)
Week 4: Something Deeper – Gemma Bell’s Story (Consider Service)


Part 1: Story of faith and reflections from Karl Faase (video) – 10-15 mins
Part 2: Discussion and reflection (in groups) – 20 mins
Part 3: Prayer and Invitation (by you or the group leader) – 10 mins


This four-week series could be done in the following ways:

  •  4-week small group series across the life of your church
  •  Mid-week church-wide course – where people can all come to watch and discuss together
  •  Run in stand-alone groups facilitated specifically as a pointed discipleship tool readying people for next steps of faith
  •  As a series worked through in your Sunday services

In any of these contexts, we encourage you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, encourage your church to invite friends and family, and emphasise the opportunity every week to take a step of faith and consider baptism.

Preparing to Run Next Steps

  1. Learn more about the series and consider working towards a date for Baptisms
  2. Set aside a 4-week block on Sundays or as a mid-week group
  3. Gather interest
  4. Pray
  5. Run the Series
  6. Invite people to get Baptised

Accessing the Next Steps Series

Two options:

1. Buy the Next Steps Digital Pack and get all videos and resources available to download instantly as a one-time purchase.


2. Sign up to our Watch+ Platform at a church level and access the Next Steps pack, along with all our other series and campaigns