Finding Personal Faith


We all want to enjoy our lives. I don’t know anyone whose goal in life is to be miserable! We often know we need to make a change but find it hard to make that change on our own. Sometimes we need a nudge to help us get there.

Every day we are bombarded with messages about how to have a great life. Do this, try that, buy this product, experience that event, but the ‘great life’ never seems to get any closer. All that happens is that we get more and more cynical about the things that are supposed to help us obtain a better life.

Christian faith believes that the most fulfilling and satisfying way to live is to follow the teachings of Jesus. Many people find this hard to accept because they think that being a Christian means you have to stop doing all the things you enjoy and instead walk around being boring and dull. When Jesus said He would give us an abundant life, this may not be in the way you think. Jesus wants us to experience a great life, not just through moments of great excitement but also how we deal with all of life – now and in the future.

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