Jesus the Game Changer is on Sale

If you need a new series to do with your church or group, try the award-winning Jesus the Game Changer for an all time low price

Whether you’re in lockdown right now or not, many Australians are finding things difficult and looking for support.

Our mission at Olive Tree Media is to resource churches and help Christians share Jesus and so we want to equip you, wherever you are!

Below you’ll find all the resources and series that we have on sale right now.

  • For churches, you can get our church packs for 50% off. We can also help your small group leaders and church members access the materials for free at home. We set this up in 2020 when churches were running the series from lockdown.
  • For small group leaders, you can purchase USBs and DVDs for your group members for half price so they can watch it at home. We have also discounted our Discussion Guides to $4.99 each.

6 Week Church Series – Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaigns are a 6 week church series, with additional support and resources that can assist you to run the series – in person or online when in lockdown.

The Church Campaign Packs are also 50% at the moment.

Jesus the Game Changer Season 1 is a fully digital church pack that you can access now for $24.95


Jesus the Game Changer Season 2 is a USB church pack but we have put all the episodes and additional resources online for free so your community can watch anytime. This also also $24.95



Stories from Church Leaders who ran Jesus the Game Changer 2 in 2020

Tim Lovell from Goodlife Church in QLD shared with Ainsley Freeman about his experience of Jesus the Game Changer Season 2. He ran this series in 2020, when lockdown restrictions were in place. Hear how he adapted this series and used it as an encouragement to his church in a different and difficult season.

Ainsley Freeman interviewed Jonathan Hoffman from Windsor District Baptist Church NSW about how they did Jesus the Game Changer Season 2.